Working With The Mortgages Less Ordinary Team

Step 1: Let's Get You Mortgage Ready

Whether you're taking the plunge and buying, refinancing, transferring, or renewing, the first step is you applying for a mortgage with yours truly and my incredible team. No matter the type of mortgage you need, we're more than ready to tackle it head-on. Heck, we're practically jumping in excitement at the chance to assist you.

Now, about 80% of our clientele opt for the online route. They tap into the digital realm right here: Click here and launch your application. Soon after, someone from the support crew (we like to call them Team Derek) will get in touch with you to patch up any blanks or bits of missing info. Post that, you'll be hearing from us to button up your pre-qualification and chalk out your tailor-made financing strategy.

Then there's the 10% who like to keep things classic and apply over the good old telephone, all the way from the vast corners of Canada. If that sounds like your jam, just give us a buzz at 403-394-9422 and request a phone application. This usually takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how deep our chat goes. We'll note down all the major details and you'll be asked to send over your credit consent via fax or email. After that, we will wrap up your pre-qualification and carve out your custom financing plan.

Finally, the remaining 10% (a number that seems to be shrinking by the year, thanks to our dear friend, technology, and the fact that life just keeps getting busier) prefer the good old-fashioned face-to-face meet-up at our HQ in Lethbridge, AB. If you're more comfortable with an in-person rendezvous or live zoom if you are not in Lethbridge, we're totally game for it. Call our office at 403-394-9422 and ask for a one-on-one meeting to kick off your application. Once that's done, Derek’s team will promptly connect with you to finalize your pre-qualification and set up your unique financing blueprint.


Once we get your application and the all-important credit consent, it's go-time for Derek and his elite squadron. They'll put their heads together to pre-qualify you for a mortgage. Once you're green-lit, you can officially go house hunting if you're in the buy zone. If you're refinancing or renewing, your file takes a swift jump to seeking mortgage financing approvals (as soon as we have your papers in hand).

And if you're buying a home and have a realtor, show them this mesmerizing video. It's pretty much the TED Talk of home buying.


Now, this is where Derek and his dream team really start pulling rabbits out of hats. They'll sleuth around for the best bank/lender, product, and interest rate combo. Think of it like shopping for the perfect taco, except it's a mortgage and there's less salsa.


After Derek's crew have scoured the mortgage marketplace from sea to shining sea, they'll finalize the absolute best custom approval for you. At this stage, you'll do the autograph thing on your approval, as seen in our ultra-informative video.


Your mortgage is officially a done deal, 100% accepted. You can finally bid farewell to the relentless paper parade! All that remains is a rendezvous with a lawyer or a title company to tether your new mortgage to your home's title.

And there you have it! Five steps with Derek and his award-snatching squad, and you've got a mortgage in the bag. It might seem too simple, like making a perfect pancake on the first try, but that's how it ought to be. With tight planning and meticulous organization right from step one, you'll have a smooth transition from one phase to the next. Yes, there's plenty of paperwork (we've all heard the legends), but your effort clears the way to unlock all the financing options and secure the absolute best mortgage for you. You deserve nothing less, and we thrive on digging that up for you.

Can't wait to lend a hand! Or in this case, a mortgage.