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Cashflow versus Interest

There are a couple of ways to look at saving money. To be honest they are a matter of opinion and to be double honest it can also depend on your current situation and future plans. So here is both ways.

Cashflow is about the monthly payments. How can we free up the most amount of cashflow so you can do smarting things with your money and also protects your psychology so that you make smarter decision whether it be in your business or personal life. Sometime freeing up 500 per month can have you more likely to put some away in savings.

The second theory is interest. Meaning you don’t care if you pay more per month or larger monthly payments because you hate paying too much interest on your money. You will run your bank accounts tight to make sure that things go away quicker and you pay less interest.

Why do I explain these two items is because when is comes to debt consolidation it is important we know if the goal is to create more cashflow or pay less interest. This drastically affect what kind of options and advise we give you when it come to deciding what to payoff and how we set things up.

So here is some quick math you can do on your own to see if you should reach out to us and get us to run the numbers on cashflow and interest for you so you can decide what is best. First take a look at your personal finances and see how much debt you would like to payoff is. Then take what you believe your house will sell for and multiply that by 80%. Then subtract the balance of your mortgage from that number. Now is that number equal to or greater than the amount of debt you would like to pay off? If the answer is yes then reach out to us and get us starting on analysing how we can improve cashflow and or lower the amount of interest you are paying. It is that simple! We have saving families up to 2K per month once they had the equity to rearrange their finances. If our little calculation worked for you reach out to us today!

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