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Debt Consolidation

By Derek Loose August 23, 2023

Cashflow versus Interest There are a couple of ways to look at saving money. To be honest they are a matter of opinion and to be double honest it can also depend on your current situation and future plans. So here is both ways. Cashflow is about the monthly payments. How can we free up…

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First Time Buyer

By Derek Loose July 19, 2023

So ya wanna buy a home? But this is your first time and you have spent time reading blogs that are old and you are not sure what still applies? Everyones situation is slightly different so what’s important is that you know the basics. Then you reach out to a kick ass mortgage company that…

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Here’s The Proper Way To Shop For a Mortgage

By Derek Loose June 14, 2023

We often see people making the mortgage experience way more stressful than it has to be. There’s a right way and a wrong way to shop for a mortgage, and I’ll let you in on the most important tip right now: rate isn’t the only factor to consider. Our team 100% agrees that rate is…

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Purchase Plus Improvements

By Derek Loose April 14, 2023

So you want to Renovate? Sometimes it’s the yard your after, more mature trees, neighborhood. You found that house location and lot that you love but the house needs some of your personal vision to be all it can be. The best time to put renovations into your mortgage is when you first purchase the…

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Second Home Purchase

By Derek Loose February 17, 2023

I got good news for anyone who thought they needed to put 20% down to buy a vacation property, secondary property in your home town, or a property for your kids so that when they miss rent it is just another lump sum of money they can add to their accomplishment of spending everything you…

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Self Employed

By Derek Loose October 7, 2022

So you have decided to be self employed. The world of long hours and no thanks. Where banks like to treat you like you make less than a paperboy in the 90s. You are told that you don’t claim enough income or your business is too risky, what is you don’t make any money, what…

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By Derek Loose September 2, 2022

Before you sign that renewal to just stick in out with the same lender you have been with for over 5yrs let us take a look at it for you. Many times we can save you 2-3000 over 5yrs just on a simple renewal. If I told you that you might have to do a…

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Turn your house into a rental and purchase another for yourself at 5% down

By Derek Loose July 14, 2022

This is a phenomenal product my friends and I am gonna let you in on one of the most popular products that lenders carry. One of the best ways to get your first rental is to turn you first purchase into a rental property while you buy your upgraded house for yourself with only 5%…

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