How To Get Pre-Approved For A Mortgage [eBook]

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So, you've dreamt of that maple-scented, poutine-filled Canadian dream of owning a house, huh? Whether it's your first or your 20th? Who knew? Apparently, the thrill, the pride, and the casual, 'look at me, I own property!' vibes don't fade. It’s like ordering a new pizza flavor and realizing you’re onto something legendary. There's this inexplicable high when you snag that key, and man, do we get it! We’re practically in the business of dealing out those highs, helping folks land properties and feel those 'I did it' moments. And if you think that's the peak, wait for what's next.

Diving into real estate? That’s like picking the golden ticket for a long-term wealth fest with a dash of home equity sprinkles and potential cash flow goodies on top. Think your house is just a place to crash after a long day? Think again. The real estate game is like a secret club where members end up, more often than not, in the millionaire circle. Neat, right?

But let's face it, owning a home isn't just a badge of honor; it's within reach for everyone. The only teeny hurdle? That’s right, it’s the pesky financing part. But, no worries, our team at Less Ordinary has got you.

With a pinch of drama and perhaps a couple of fictional teardrops, we whipped up an E-Book, “A Simple-ish Guide to Pre-Approvals.” Yes, the name could've been jazzier, but it gets the job done, much like your realtor, us, and your seller. Looking to seal the deal on a house? First rule of Fight Club: GET PRE-APPROVED. Okay, wrong reference, but you get the point. This handy guide tells you all you need to know about your buying capacity, potential obstacles, and more.

Quick sneak peek of the guide’s highlights:

  • The 'what not to do' list for home-buying newbies
  • Figuring out that golden number: the down payment
  • The classic battle of Affordability vs Qualification
  • The whole shebang timeline: from 'thinking about it' to 'got the keys'