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Before you sign that renewal to just stick in out with the same lender you have been with for over 5yrs let us take a look at it for you. Many times we can save you 2-3000 over 5yrs just on a simple renewal. If I told you that you might have to do a little paperwork for 3K would you do it? I think all of us would. Here is what we do. Check the lender, balance. Quick conversation about what you are looking for and then we just reshop the market quickly for you. If we can save you 2000 or more we let you know if we can’t we tell you what rate to sign for with you bank. Its is ridiculously simple and you really have nothing to lose. If you have a renewal coming up in the next 6 months reach out to us today and we will see if transferring to a new lender can save you some money!

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